March  2004

Jeffrey and Alexa at Grampy's Birthday party.

Alexa - Wait a minute.  Is that cake I see.  When do I get cake.

Excuse me.  Swing a piece over here will ya.

Ya, I know I'm cute.

Hi.  I look innocent don't I.  I would never get into any trouble ...

Okay, now look the other way so I can sneak off. ....

Wait a minute.  This thing has a steering wheel.  That is so cool.  Does the horn work?  Oh yah.  Cool man, cool.

Hold it there buddy.  What are you hauling there.  A yellow bear with no pants driving a blue truck.  Looks suspicious to me.

And what have we got here.  The number ten.

Your just full of numbers aren't you.  Alright, lets see some ID.

That's right.  Back it on up.  Lets count those again.

You seem to be missing the number 4 and 7.  What do you have to say for your self.

Piglet seems to be hanging on pretty tight.  That Pooh must be a crazy driver.

All smiles.

This has been a instructional video.  Teaching police everywhere how to deal with suspicious looking blue trucks driven by bears with no pants on and a pig hanging on for dear life on the outside.

Ha.  I see my reflection in the stove.  That cracks me up.

Hey, What's in here.

I wasn't going in I promise.

HA!!  You really are too gullible.

I don't recommend mixing cheerio's and fruit loops.  It took me an hour to see straight.

Come here you've got to see this.  The cat is using the toilet.  I've heard of it happening but I've never seen it.

I'm being goofy.  That can be fun too..

Alright.  I'll catch you.  Here I come, ready or not.

Trying to cross the border again.  How many times do I have to empty your cargo on the floor and put it back again.

Well I am a baby.

A million times aught to do it.