April 2004

You caught me just waking up.  I hope my hair is okay.

I walked in and found them in bed together.

Daddy is going to teach me how to drive.

SHHHHH!.  He is sleeping.

Keep playing, keep playing. Put the camera down and keep playing.  Your cracking me up.

To Blave.

Am I really determined to push this across the room or am I pooping.  Only the diaper really knows.

Annette's holding me.  I don't have a care in the world.

Wait a minute.  Are the Cheerio's safe.  Okay you brought them.  Cool.

Being a baby is cool.  I just sit back and enjoy life.


Speed photography is cool.  I'm really doing 60mph.  These guys never saw me coming.


Wait a football for the car.  That's not a fair trade.


Don't pump the gas too much.  Great, now you've flooded it.

When you get up to 20mph pop it into first.

20mph or 2mph.  I don't think your going to get up to 20.

Nolan's having a Scoobie birthday.

I guess you don't have to order Chinese for a dog to taste good.

This looks cool.  How does it work.

Trains stay on the track Jeffrey.

Tracks! We don't need no stinking tracks.

The floor does nicely

All Aboard the Jeffrey Express!!!

Oh NO!!   A baby blue Godzilla has got us!!

AHHH, He's going to eat the train.

No, just a cell phone.

I can't wait for daddy to get his cell bill.  He'll be so proud that I know the country code for Sydney is 61.

Whew.  My diaper stinks so bad I almost fell over.

Yahhhh!!!  I don't know why.  But it's a Yah!!! kind of day.

Daddy, It's for you.  I think it's the president.  Or the queen.  Yup I think it is momma.