July 2004

   I don't know about this pool thing.  Looks an awful lot like the pot they tried to boil Bugs Bunny in.

Hey, there's a duck in here.

He's getting away.  Get back here.

Alright, I'm not letting you back in the pool until you promise to stay where I put you.

That pool looks like a turtle.

Strip me down and throw me in. It's naked baby time!!!!

Yup, I was born on the 4th of July.

What's this thing.  A shovel and a rake.  Now where am I going to get some sand to play in.

Momma is having a good time too.

Can someone please point me to the sand.  I have a Zen garden to make.

No way.  That is water.  It's huge.  That's a big bath tub and I'm going in.

Momma is hiding behind me.  I think she is afraid of the big bath tub.

I wonder if this will bounce if I hold it up high and drop it.

That was some sneeze.  The tissue disintegrated.

That water is some cold stuff.

Hey where is the life guard for this pool?

Sasha, I don't think my hand is on the menu.  Can I have that back please?

Ok I am jumping in before this dog eats me!

Jeffrey's such a happy baby.  He just looks up at you and smiles and giggles.  Every day is full of moments like this.

I am going swimming for this first time with my daddy.  I love it, but don't let go daddy.

Yup I'm cute, and I won't let you forget it.

My first ride on a carousel.  This is fun.  Lets go faster, faster daddy.

Can someone turn this think back on please?

Ok I'm ready lets fire up this bad boy!

I'm hanging on to daddy, just in case.

Daddy and Andrew are having fun riding on the train.

Momma and I love the back seat.

This big train is awesome, even though I can barely see over the edge.