August 2004

Think it won't fit.

Ah, the diaper, um the hand is quicker than the eye.

Hello...Yes...  It's for you Mommy, they want to know when to deliver.  I've ordered enough sand to bury the upstairs and enough salt water to flood the downstairs.  Oh, I also ordered 400 Nemo fish and a woman name Stripperella Nancy to dance.

KIDDI NG, Just kidding.  hehehehe.

Papa's reading a book to me.  I think the Home Depot Home Repair book is a little advanced for me.

An then Papa bear built a shed in the back.

Did I make a mess or what.

I'm in a race car.  voorromm!!!

KIDDING, Just kidding.  hehehehe.

Looks like I found your stash of Coke.  That's it, I'm calling the cops.

Playing by the pool and having fun with Alexa.

I'm not sure about this.  That water is awful cold on my piggies.