December 2004

I'm just chilling, reading "Baby Colors".  This chapter is green.  I think green is cool.

Hey, did you know Pooh is a bear.  I though he was yellow animated figure with no pants but he is a bear.

It just me swinging Pooh bear around by the string.

Mommy is trying to tie my shoes,  Should I tell her my leg doesn't bend like that.

That is a very tall Santa.  His legs are awfull hairy too.

Alright, I don't see any presents.  Did this guy for get his bag or what.

Meme, Chloe, Nonnie and Unckie are joining me for Breakfast at Bickford's

Papa's on my side of the table.  Just like I planned.  All mine, all mine.....

Alexia is pointing at the big tree with pretty lights.  I think they are calling it a Christmas tree.


I really don't know how I got this way nor can I explain my actions.  but they are twins, what can I say.